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Pacific Sound Control

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Representing the high quality companies IAC Acoustics, Sound Seal, Fabric Wall and Kwik-Wall, we provide engineering services, product application information, sales and installation of these products to studios, contractors, home owners and a wide variety of commercial enterprises.

Our passive absorption, barriers, enclosures, louvers, silencers, doors, windows and other sound control devices have applications for water and power, entertainment, police and fire, education, healthcare, community and church, aerospace, military and all manner of manufacturing.


IAC Architectural: Acoustic Doors, Super Noise-Lock Doors, Acoustic Windows, Studio Packages, Music Practice Rooms, Security Rooms, Interview Rooms, Varitone Absorption Panels

IAC Industrial: In-Plant Custom Solutions, OEM Noise Control, Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Walls, Acoustic Barriers, Acoustic Screens, Noise Foil Absorption Panels, Power and Energy

IAC HVAC: HVAC Silencers, Acoustic Louvers

IAC Medical: Audiology Booths, Audiology Rooms, Mobile Booths

IAC Dyno Test Rooms: INC Motorcycle Dyno Test Rooms, INC Engine Dyno Test Rooms, INC Chassis Dyno Test Rooms

IAC Test Facilities: Anechoic Chambers, Automotive Test Chambers, NVH, Reverberation Rooms


Sound Seal Architectural: Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Boards, Baffles and Banners, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, Sound Diffusers, Resonator Sound Absorbers, WoodTrends

Sound Seal Industrial: Noise Barrier Composites, Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers, Pipe and Duct, Exterior Sound Curtains, In-Plant Enclosures, Flexible Noise Barriers, Industrial Baffles, Ceiling Tile Covers, Specialty Products

Sound Seal Underlayment: For Hardwood, For Tile and Stone, For Vinyl and Carpet, Sports Flooring, Specialty Underlayments, Adhesives

Sound Seal Masonry: Soundblox, Soundcell, Soundcell Acoustade


Kwik-Wall Operable Walls: 2000 Series, 3000 Series, GL Series

Kwik-Wall Moveable Glass Walls: KWV-Tec, GL Series, Variotec

Kwik-Wall Accordion Partitions: VL Series, MK Series


FabricWall: Track, Fabric, Core, Tools, Custom Stretch Systems, Pre-Fabricated Stretch Systems