Operable Wall Projects

Pocket doors require careful installation to maintain the desired acoustic separation between rooms. PSC’s attention to design and installation provides superior performance and value in the completed project.

KWV-Tec Glass walls offer the beauty of glass with similar division arrangements as other operable wall products.  Performs at STC 35 as “trimmed” version.

Kwik-Wall offers hundreds of hard and soft finishes for their operable walls, including this beautiful wood veneer.

Paired panels allow partitions to be easily put away.

Hilton Waterfront Hotel Ballroom

Kwik-Wall Series 3000 system offers the versatility to separate space in almost any way conceivable. Unmatched acoustic performance and unlimited design options provide the best operable wall systems available.

Kwik-Wall operable walls can be purchased with optional multi-functional pieces like these dry-erase boards.

Move around your space easily with pass doors even when operable walls are fully closed.