Fabric Panels

Sound Seal Chroma panels are factory-painted to your color specifications for a perfect match. PSC installed color-matched Chroma panels in a historic church to reduce echo while maintaining its aesthetic.

Large rooms with reverberant surfaces are especially challenging unless room acoustics are applied.  High NRC panels solve these room speech-quality issues with predictable results.

Corner to corner application of Sound Seal’s “Sound Quality” panels is done by CAD layout of the space to ensure a perfect fit.  The factory panels are more durable than stretched wall panels and can be made with hundreds of acoustic fabrics.

For this project, we installed custom-made hybrid panels which consisted of varying-density materials to meet the acoustical design parameters of an Audio Mix room.  The hybrid panels were fabric-covered to give a smooth, uniform appearance. 

Factory fabric panels are available in a wide range of types, sizes up to 5 ft x 10 ft, can be made into just about any shape that can be drawn.  Panel fabrics in dozens of styles and hundreds of colors allow the designer incredible creative capability.

Custom fabric panels for a Southern California city’s community center

In an LA office conversion from industrial, we solved high reverberation problems with Sound Seal S-2000 panel mounted between concrete beams.  Careful measurement allowed PSC to use factory manufactured panels for a perfect fit.