Acoustic Doors

Door photos are normally very exciting. Bringing the unique features of specialty acoustic doors to the marketplace in a way that serves the aesthetics and operational requirements along with guaranteed acoustic performance is where PSC delivers.

Acoustic Enclosures

Water treatment and transportation, local power generation, industrial production and testing bring special challenges that require creative solutions.  PSC’s experience, engineering and install capability along with in-depth product knowledge allows us to deliver acoustic performance results like no other in the West.

Fabric Panels

Sound Seal’s fabric panels allow a wide range of design flexibility. CAD design coupled with custom manufacturing produce striking results.


Industrial Absorber Projects

Pacific Sound Control brings significant experience to the engineering and quality installation of perforated metal absorbers manufactured by Noise Barriers for water treatment, power generation, open enclosures, automotive test and other applications where high absorption and long term durability is needed.

Noise Soaker Projects

Pacific Sound Control’s exclusive Noise Soaker panels were designed and developed by a team of noise control engineers with input from General Contractors and acoustic consultants. The result is the best construction site noise control product for demanding and rugged construction environments.

Operable Wall Projects

Operable walls from Kwik-Wall offer a wide range of product features with premium designed mechanics and the highest quality materials.

Special Projects

Special problems require special solutions, and PSC applies acoustic manufacturing and construction experience to every project. We often get involved in unique owner requirements that call for a variety of problem solving resources, including specialty fabrication, engineering, manufactured standard products and, of course, acoustic know-how.