Noise Soaker – A Pacific Sound Control Exclusive

Noise Soaker was designed and developed by a team of noise control engineers with input from General Contractors and acoustic consultants. The result is the best construction site noise control product for demanding and rugged construction environments.

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Noise Soaker

Noise Soaker stock panels are 54″ wide x 8′, 10′, or 12′ tall with industrial grade velcro to interlock the panels, creating complete sound control. Panels can also be custom-made in any size to suit your project.


Noise Soaker stock panels available for rental or purchase.



  • Both STC 33 and NRC 0.75 in a single panel
  • TENARA® thread that is UV, salt water and chemical resistant
  • Exterior-grade, UV resistant mass-loaded vinyl barrier layer
  • Exterior-grade vinyl-coated-polyester (VCP) quilted fiberglass absorber facing
  • Outdoor quality brass mounting grommets
  • Industrial grade velcro
  • Unique bottom seal reduces “soil flanking”
  • Tested in harsh outdoor/winter conditions for 10 years