Special Projects

Community noise regulations in Pasadena are completely intolerant of 100 dbA noise. Sean White’s Air+Style event at the Rose Bowl needed to crush ice and spray snow for 3 solid days.  PSC was engaged to design and produce 3 truck mounted noise enclosures for the project.  On schedule, under budget and snow makers were able to operate through the night for 3 days to make the event happen in back in February 2015.

STC 60 isolation room custom manufactured in two weeks’ time from design inception to completion for this portable acoustic isolation booth.

Industrial test trailer isolation.

Sound Seal industrial composite panels isolate a standard modular building wall to reduce noise levels by 15 dBA.  Careful measurement and CAD production drawings means a great fit and top notch results.

Compressor enclosure in pump station

Sound Seal BBC panels with clear vinyl (STC 26) windows, dual track for sliding panels across entire front, modular construction with Sound Seal support frame. (IRWD, Eastwood Pump Station)

“Cannon Room”

2nd floor corporate offices built over the top of a baseball bat test room require creative ideas including a new structural and seismic support, vibration isolation all supported from the building main structure.  4 inch sandwich panels, STC 59 panels with NRC .90 absorption supported across the entire ceiling of the test room mean corporate operations can run all 9 innings.

Custom compressor enclosure for a residential client. Keeping wine cold can be noisy!