Pacific Sound Control is proud to represent Noise Barriers across the Western States for your industrial noise control needs.

Noise Barriers brings unmatched experience and engineering capability for high level noise control needs for Aerospace, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Utilities, Military, Entertainment and other industries.

Noise Barriers Products are offered in a wide range of high STC and NRC combinations to solve any problem.  However, rather than canned product offerings, it is key to the Noise Barriers method that projects are customer focused and designs are focused to solve specific problems to meet customer needs.  This customer focused solution integrates with Pacific Sound Control’s dedication to quality to produce product success and guaranteed field performance.

Noise Barriers QuietSwing™ Industrial Doors

Noise Barriers manufactures the finest factory assembled and field proven doors in the noise control industry. All of our doors are manufactured by noise control door specialists in the United States.

QuietSwing™ Industrial Doors

Noise Barriers QuietLite™ Sound Control Windows

Noise Barriers QuietLite windows are completely factory assembled and ready to install in both fixed-frame and split-frame configurations.

QuietLite™ Sound Control Windows

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ Sound Absorption Panels

Noise Barriers QuietPerf™ series absorptive panels are durable perforated metal acoustic panels designed to control reverberation and reduce noise.

QuietPerf™ Absorptive Panels

Noise Barriers QuietMod™ Enclosures and Dyno Test Rooms

Noise Barriers QuietMod™ pre-engineered panel system includes wall and ceiling panels, doors, windows, and silenced ventilation systems. Isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels are also available when necessary. All materials are acoustically rated by independent testing laboratories to ensure the appropriate noise reduction for every application.

QuietMod™ Enclosures

Noise Barriers QuietLine™ Barrier Walls and Absorbers

The noise barrier system is easy to install and easy to relocate. Panels and louvers are constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum and finish painted in a weather resistant polyester powder coating. The finish is also graffiti resistant and cleanable. An existing wall can be lined with QuietLine™ sound-absorbing cladding panels as an effective, cost-efficient method of reducing reflected sound.

QuietLine™ Barrier Walls

Noise Barriers QuietSlide™ and QuietLift™ Industrial Doors

Noise Barriers industrial noise control doors are all manufactured to meet your exact needs and applications. Cookie cutters are for the kitchen so we want you to have exactly the size and configuration that your project desires!

QuietSlide™ Industrial Doors

QuietLift™ Industrial Doors